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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products


Environmentally friendly boat cleaning products.

ECO-friendly cleaning products. Specially formulated for powerful cleaning action on Modern yachts & Cruisers. Effective on GRP, Glass, Chrome, and Stainless Steel. A safe, clean finish on your boat and safe for the marine environment too. Eco friendly formula developed by Polymarine Ultra modern, bio-degradable formulas are key to the concept of the ‘RipTide’ range.

Ease of use, cleaning power and the sparkling results prove to be exceptional. ECO-friendly Now all Modern Yacht and Power Cruiser owners can prolong the ‘as new’ finish of their pride and joy, safe in the knowledge that Riptide is ideally suited to the modern materials and finishes, both inside and out, and equally suited to use in a sensitive Marine environment.

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  1. Quick view hull and deck shampoo

    Hull and Deck Maintenance Shampoo


    90.47.10 - Riptide Hull and Deck Maintenance Shampoo Learn More

    Eco-Friendly Riptide Exterior Care Cleaning Kit


    90.47.91 - The boating community generally have a high regard for the environment when they enjoy messing around in boats. This kit easily creates a lot of clean and sparkle without damaging marine life. Learn More
  3. Quick view Riptide Interior Valet Kit

    Riptide Interior Valet Kit


    90.47.90 - Environmentally friendly, keeping the boat in tip top condition and keeping the surrounding water safe too. This interior kit safe inside a boat and safe for marine life outside. Learn More
  4. Quick view Riptide full Valet Kit

    Riptide full Valet Kit


    90.47.92 - A complete set of environmentally safe cleaning products are a gift to any yacht or powerboat boat owner and a very kind thought for the marine life being safe and bio degradable. Learn More
  5. Quick view Water Proofer

    Water Proofer


    90.47.72 - Riptide Water Proofer Learn More
  6. Quick view 3 in 1 Toilet Cleaner

    3 in 1 Toilet Cleaner


    90.47.43 - Riptide 3 in 1 Toilet Cleaner. Learn More
  7. Quick view GRP Polish

    Riptide eco-friendly GRP Polish


    90.47.71 - Riptide GRP Silicon Free Polish Learn More
  8. Quick view Porthole And Glass Cleaner

    Porthole And Glass Cleaner


    90.47.42 - Riptide Porthole And Glass Cleaner Learn More
  9. Quick view Interior All-Surface Cleaner

    Interior All-Surface Cleaner


    90.47.41 - Riptide Interior All-Surface Cleaner Learn More
  10. Quick view Exterior Multipurpose Cleaner

    Exterior Multipurpose Cleaner


    90.47.11 - Riptide Exterior Multipurpose Cleaner Learn More
  11. Quick view Wipe Clean GRP Cleaning Powder

    Riptide Wipe Clean GRP Cleaning Powder


    90.47.80 - Wipeout grime GRP Cleaner. will Wipeout hull stains like no other product Learn More

11 Item(s)

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